Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

It's been awhile and I have so much to share with you but little time today so I will leave you with a couple of Kid Quips.

Gabe found 4 pennies, when asked what he was going to do with it "I take Mama to dinners".

I had an early hair appointment so I dropped the kids off with Phil.
The next day I was driving with Diana, she is starting to read more and sounds out most words on signs while I drive.
Diana-"Mom what is a B-A-R?".
Me-"Its called a bar and they sell beer."
Diana- "But a tavern sells beer too". "Is that a bar?"
Me-"Sorta, a tavern is a place where you can eat food and drink beer. "Wait, how do you know what a tavern is?"
Diana- "When Pop was driving me we passed a T-I-M ummm..a tavern."
Me- "Oh you mean Timbers Tavern."
Moments pass
Diana- "So a liquor store is a store where the kids eat licorice and the daddy's get drunk".

Clearly Phil had has own way of explaining things to our daughter.