Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Kids- Out of the mouthes of babes.

1st grade is 2 weeks away and Diana is not so sure how she feels about "growing up".
What does this mean for a 6 yr.old anyway?
Last night Diana was crying in bed, I asked her what was wrong.

Diana- "Mommy I do not want to grow up"!
Me- "Diana, I promise you, you will be happy to grow a little each year".
Diana- "No I won't!"
Me- Let's think of things you can do when you grow up."
Diana-" I can stay up later."
Me- "yes"
Diana- "No naps"
Me- "that's right what else"
Diana- "I can say bad words."

This girl knows how to throw me curve balls, she does this often. I thought for a moment and asked "what kind of words are bad?"
Diana responded "I don't know, isn't that what teenagers do, say bad words?

I love my girl.

Gabriel is funny little man, he starting to use his words more which can feel like we live with a caveman. We tend to look to Diana who is fluent in whatever language Gabe is speaking.
Lately we have been living in potty training land, it's an exciting place. The thought of saving $20 a week is close to being a reality. Gabe has done shockingly well "knocking on wood".
Phil and I give Gabe 3 jelly beans after each trip to the potty until one day.....

Me-Gabe you went potty that great!"
Gabe- "Momma no jelly bean."
Me- "No?"
Gabe- " No jelly bean Momma, Gabe want jelly sandwich."

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Fun

August has been packed with family visits and boy have we been busy! My Dad, Step mom, Janet and little sis, Ruth paid us a visit the first week of August.
We had allot of fun doing the tourist stuff. We walked along the Deschutes River and watched the locals float down the river in inter tubes, canoes and kayaks.We walked along Mirror Pond and took the kids to the park. We even managed to fit in a light hike at Shevlin Park, one of my favorite walking trails.
We experienced gorgeous weather that weekend which kept us outdoors through out their visit.
I am so grateful that the trip worked out for all of us and I hope they will consider Bend as their next vacation spot!
Marissa and my MIL, Stella drove up this past weekend for a visit. We had a good time showing my MIL our favorite spots and again enjoyed the beautiful weather. This was Marissa's first visit in the summer. The time went by fast but looking back we kept busy. We made two trips out to our local swim center, drove out to Sisters OR. drove out to La Pine OR. and picnicked at the lake. Diana and Gabe were so thrilled to have their big Sis to hang out with them. They adore Marissa and I loved watching all my kids play together.
Stella made her famous tacos which taste even better after waiting a year! It was so worth the wait.
It was so great to see them both and we look forward to more visits in the future.
As far as pictures go, I will have to ask my step daughter to send me what she has so that I can post here on this blog.
Our camera is dead and we have been taking our time researching our next purchase in hopes to not have to buy one for a long time!
Until next time family and friends!