Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow hard to believe Autumn is here. But the signs are so apparent. When I look out the window I can see literally, herds of deer eating the neighbors pears that have fallen from the trees. The squirrels start acting crazy, running back and forth from tree to tree throwing pine cones to the ground inhopes to get the seeds. They jump from tree to tree too! The carpenter ants are all underground and the bugs are walking slower. It's so neat to see the phases of nature, gearing up for a long winter.
We humans are gearing up as well. The wood is starting to show up in huge stacks waiting to be delivered. Weekends are spent winterizing homes. This means covering the outside vents with styrofoam and wrapping up the spout and hoses so they do not freeze.
Everyday you can see neighbors like ourselves raking up pine needles in to huge stacks. I actually enjoy racking pine needles, it is so much easier then raking leaves. Burning season is here and were we live it is important to burn now while the weather permits.
Last year we were late, we racked the needles into piles and then within hours it began to snow. It did not stop for months! Now we are burning twice as many needles. It has been a learning experience for us Ca. kids.
Diana loves school but just like her Mom, she hate's to wake up! Every morning we wait for Mr. Parker the bus driver to pull up at 8:17 am sharp. We were lucky enough to have our address as the bus stop and I will be so grateful during the winter months!
Gabe is home with me and I am savoring this time with him knowing he will be my last baby.

Lately, allot of construction has been going on over at the Baca house. Phil and his Dad built a shed to add more storage space. It was hard work in 38 degrees weather but they finished in one weekend. Also, a carport was finished (yesterday) along with a covered walkway. No more shoveling snow off the cars! We are so grateful and feel more equipped to handle a winter in Bend. :)
So there is plenty more to do but I will not go without leaving you with some pictures!


Sandra said...

Sounds like you've been really busy. I could use some snow about now, this Arizona weather is just not normal LOL

Our neck of the woods said...

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow and it did not melt! I guess winter is officially here!